Korea University Human Rights Center

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Director Prof. Changrok Soh
  • Professor at Korea University GSIS (1996-current)  
  • UN Human Rights Council advisory committee member (2014-current)  
  • President of Human Asia (2010-current)  
  • Panel of Experts in International Human Rights National Human Rights Counsil of Korea (2010-current)  
  • Director for Citizens' Coalition for Human Rights of Abductees and North Korean Refugees (2005-current)  
  • Member of Policy Advisory Commission for Minister of Unification (2012-current)  
  • Member of Evaluation Commission for Ministry of Foreign Affiars and Trade (2010-current)  
Research Professor Jinwon Lee
  • Research Professor at KU Human Rights Center (2016-current)  
  • Ph.D. in International Studies, GSIS, Korea University (2015)  
  • Level 2 counseling license holder  
Researcher Sansae Cho
  • M.A. in International Studies, Korea University (2016)  
  • Level 2 counseling license holder