[2021 ‘Human Rights and Gender Equity Replacement Course’ Open for Registration]

The Center for Human Rights and Gender Equity will run the ‘Replacement Course (hereinafter referred to as the Course)’ for undergraduate students who have not 

completed the ‘Human Rights and Gender Equality Education’ between the 2017 - 

2020 academic years.


1. Eligible Students
Among undergraduate students who entered Korea University in the academic year of 2017, those who are expected to graduate this semester or who have not completed the compulsory education in each academic year except for the 2021 academic year. (Graduation requirements: 1 course for each academic year, a total of 4 course completions)


2. Regisrtration Period: June 9 (Wed), 2021 ~ June 22 (Tue), 2021


3. Registration Method
   Fill out the online registration form within the registration period


※ Years not completed can be checked at Portal (KUPID) site> 수업>교육이수 현황 조회


4. Contents of education (1 course completion equals to 1 deduction of each non-completed course) 

 1) Replacement course method 1 (Korean/English/Chinese)

  * Program: Online course provided by the Korea Institute for
               Gender Equality Promotion and Education

  * How to take the course: Watch the videos uploaded on
                               Blackboard and complete the quiz

                               (must score 70 or higher)

  * course period: June 23, 2021 ~ December 31, 2021
  * English and Chinese subtitles are provided


2) Replacement course method 2

  * Program: Recorded course provided by the Center for
               Human Rights and Gender Equity

  * How to take the course: Watch the videos uploaded on
                               Blackboard and complete the quiz

                               (must score 70 or higher)

  Course period: June 23, 2021~ December 31, 2021


3) Replacement course method 3

  * Program: Realtime live course and quiz

  * How to take the course: Watch the real-time live course on
                                Blackboard and complete the quiz

                                (must score 70 or higher)

  * Course period (each course has a capacity of 250 students)

  - 1st course: June 25 (Fri), 2021, 10:00~12:00

  - 2nd course: June 30 (Wed), 2021, 14:00~16:00

     ※ Please be prompt to the real-time lecture, After 10 minutes from the start of
  the lecture, the attendance check ends. Also, if you leave before the end
  of the lecture, it will be treated as unfinished.


5. Notice

- Any inquiries other than Human Rights and Gender Equity Education」 concerning your graduation requirements, please contact the department administration office

- Replacement course completion details are reflected in the portal (KUPID) site> 수업교육이수 현황 조회, in early August

- For other inquiries, please send your personal information (name and student number) to the Center for Human Rights and Gender Equity via e-mail (humanrights@korea.ac.kr) and we will respond in the order of recipient.

- The registration form can be modified until the submission is complete. It cannot be edited after that, so please fill it out carefully before submitting.

※ Sejong Campus Schedule Inquiry: seifer13@korea.ac.kr, 044-860-1125